Reasons not to leave kittens unattended overnight - reason #3249

I honestly thought that I had put away everything that could cause mess or trouble, but my 1 year old cats (kittens?) obviously outsmarted me.

They somehow managed to do the following things during an 8 hour period...

- open a kitchen drawer (HOW?) about 20cm (you can see in the front of the photo maybe).
- pull out all the contents of said drawer - including all plastic rubbish bags and a pack of paper napkins.
- rip said plastic rubbish bags and paper napkins to shreds.
- knock a large tin into the sink (from the shelves above the sink).
- once said tin had been knocked into the sink, remove the kitty-snacks from inside and eat all of them!

Phew! They were certainly busy, and don`t seem any more tired this morning from all their late night activity.

It is a hot day today, so maybe that will make them a bit sleepier (fingers and toes crossed)!


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