January 8th - my day off

Had a great day off yesterday so I will tell you all about it... I went to the big DIY/homeware discount store called Conan in the morning to buy some cat food and was surprised to find this...

Hehe! They are tuna (まぐろ) flavored cat biscuits called `Cat Smack`. They are infused with an ingredient called matatabi (またたび) which is Actinidia polygama (silver vine) in English. It is a plant which causes cats to elicit very strange behavior. It is somewhat similar to an aphrodisiac and has `drug-like` results which I guess caused this cat food maker to label their food as `Cat Smack`. So funny!

This plant is mentioned in the saying 猫にまたたび、女郎に小判 (neko ni matatabi, jorō ni koban, "Silver vine to a cat, a coin to a prostitute"), meaning to put someone in a good mood by providing that which they most desire.

In the afternoon, Yoshi and I went ice skating in Namba. It was the first time in maybe forever for me to set foot in an ice skating rink, and I had so much fun. The rink was full of girls aged 8-12 who were flying around the rink, spinning and twirling and doing things I couldn`t even do on dry land - amazing! Yoshi is a bit of a pro too (making me quite envious as he whizzed around the rink - even skating backwards!), after numerous years on the ice hockey team. He was very patient with me though, even after I caused him to fall flat on his face at one point - oops!

I was going to attach a picture of the big bruise on my bum, but reconsidered. You never know what kind of strange people on the internet might actually like that ;)

After leaving the skating rink, we decided that we`d had enough exercise to last us quite a while and headed off to the movie theatre. We saw the new Leondaro Di
Caprio movie (`Body of lies`, strangely called `World of lies` in Japan), and were quite impressed. It is a spy story about a CIA operative who goes to Jordan to track down a terrorist. It is directed by Ridley Scott and I can safely say that it is worth a look!

It was much better than Keanu`s movie we saw last month!


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